Our Team

H.I.G. Capital’s team of more than 500 seasoned investment professionals brings substantial operating, strategic and financial management experience to all our investments.

Executive Management

Sami MnaymnehFounder and Co-CEO

Tony TamerFounder and Co-CEO

Rick RosenCo-President

Brian SchwartzCo-President

Stuart AronsonExecutive Managing Director & CEO of Whitehorse Capital, US

Douglas BermanExecutive Managing Director & Head of Private Equity, US

Wolfgang BiedermannExecutive Managing Director & Head of Private Equity, EU

John BolducExecutive Managing Director & Head of Credit

Chad BureshChief Financial Officer

Jordan Peer GriffinExecutive Managing Director & Head of Capital Formation

Richard SiegelGeneral Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Rob WolfsonExecutive Managing Director & Head of Advantage Fund

Senior Leadership

Javier CasillasManaging Director & Global Chief Credit Officer of H.I.G. Whitehorse

Jackson CraigManaging Director & Co-Head of US Bayside Capital

Riccardo DallolioManaging Director & Head of EU Realty

Kim Leinwand ErleManaging Director & Global Head of ESG

Pankaj GuptaPresident of WhiteHorse US & Global Head of Originations

Ross HiattManaging Director & Head of H.I.G. Growth

David HirschbergManaging Director & Co-Head of US Realty

Andrew LiauManaging Director & Co-Head of Infrastructure

Fernando Marques OliveiraManaging Director & Head of Brazil and Latin America

Michael MestelManaging Director & Co-Head of U.S. Realty Credit Partners

Pascal MeyssonManaging Director & Head of EU Whitehorse

Markus Noe-NordbergManaging Director & Head of EU Middle Market LBO Fund

Edward PallesenManaging Director & Co-Head of Infrastructure

Keval PatelManaging Director & Head of US Middle Market LBO Fund

Duncan PristonManaging Director & Co-Head of EU Bayside Capital

Bruce RobertsonManaging Director & Co-Head of BioHealth

Adam SchimelManaging Director & Co-Head of US Bayside Capital

Steven SchwartzManaging Director & Co-Head of U.S. Realty Credit Partners

Andrew ScotlandManaging Director & Co-Head of EU Bayside Capital

Richard StokesManaging Director & Head of US Lower Middle Market Fund

Tenno TsaiManaging Director & Head of North American Industrials

Ira WeidhornManaging Director & Co-Head of US Realty

Jeff ZanariniManaging Director & Head of Portfolio Optimization

Alex ZissonManaging Director & Co-Head of BioHealth

Managing Directors

Alejandra ArgüelloManaging Director

Daniel Rosenthal AyashManaging Director

Adam BelferManaging Director

Jaime BergelManaging Director, Head of Madrid Office

Mark BernierManaging Director

Ignacio BlascoManaging Director

Tobias BorkowskiManaging Director

Kenneth BortonManaging Director

Antonio BotijaManaging Director

Charles BourgeoisManaging Director

Olivier BoyadjianManaging Director, Head of Paris Office

Christian BrennanManaging Director

Sean BritainManaging Director

Matthew BrownManaging Director

John BruenManaging Director

Esteban Caja SamboalManaging Director

Anthony ChambersManaging Director

Benjamin CharonManaging Director

Patrick ConroyManaging Director

Jonathan ContosManaging Director

Darryl CreggManaging Director

Marcelo Hudik F. de AlbuquerqueManaging Director

Asmat DozaManaging Director

Daniel DubéManaging Director

Camilo E. HorvilleurManaging Director

Dyice Ellis-BeckhamManaging Director

Quinlan FangManaging Director

Jérôme FouilléManaging Director

Jonathan FoxManaging Director

Michael GallagherManaging Director

Stefano GiambelliManaging Director

Samuel GoldwormManaging Director

Giovanni GuglielmiManaging Director

Matt GullenManaging Director

Micael HagelinManaging Director

Matthew HankinsManaging Director

Colin HannawayManaging Director

John HarperManaging Director

Jason HicksManaging Director

David IndelicatoManaging Director

Rohin JainManaging Director

Robert JangManaging Director

Ryan KaplanManaging Director

Evan KarpManaging Director

Florian KawohlManaging Director

Matt KeverManaging Director

Sobia KhaliqManaging Director

Holger KleingarnManaging Director, Head of Hamburg Office

Christian Kraul-von RennerManaging Director

Matthew KretzmanManaging Director, Global Head of PE Capital Markets

Raffaele LegnaniManaging Director, Head of Milan Office

Matthew LozowManaging Director

Michael LucasManaging Director

Alessio LucentiniManaging Director

Stephan MadsenManaging Director

Mathilde Malezieux-DehonManaging Director

Elliot MaluthManaging Director

Peter McLaughlinManaging Director

Charles MillsManaging Director

Alastair MillsManaging Director

Thiago MiskulinManaging Director

Jay MooreManaging Director

Michael MusaffiManaging Director, Corporate

Nishant NayyarManaging Director

Jenny NelsonManaging Director

Todd OfenlochManaging Director

Gina ProvenzaleManaging Director

Danielle QiManaging Director

Miriam RafiqiManaging Director

Klaas ReinekeManaging Director

Justin ReynaManaging Director

Matthew RobinsonManaging Director

Lusha RoyManaging Director and Head of Product Development

Fabio SaadManaging Director

Tareck SafiManaging Director

Alok SanghviManaging Director

Sergei SchmidtManaging Director

Ken SeniorManaging Director

Hans ShermanManaging Director

Anish ShethManaging Director

Oliver SladeManaging Director

Carlos SotoManaging Director & Head of US Private Equity Business Development

Eric TencerManaging Director

Stelios TheodosiouManaging Director

Anila ThompsonManaging Director

Aaron TolsonManaging Director

Mark TricolliManaging Director

Andrey VakhovskiyManaging Director

Kevin Van CulinManaging Director

Rahul VinnakotaManaging Director

John Von BargenManaging Director

Gwen WatanabeManaging Director

George WattsManaging Director

Phillip Wood-SmithManaging Director

John YeagerManaging Director

Scott ZhuManaging Director

Chris ZlatarevManaging Director

Senior Team

João AlmeidaPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Luciano AnzanelloPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Tuna AtayPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Rodrigo AzevedoPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - LatAm

Crosby BakerHead of Portfolio TalentCorporate

Antoine BaudessonPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Stephanie BednarPrincipal Capital Formation

Bernice BerschaderPrincipalCapital Formation

Dominik BöhmPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Tiago BrancoPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - LatAm

Ruth BrophySenior AdviserCorporate

Matthew BurkePrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Chris ByrnePrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Gerald CastaldoPrincipalH.I.G. Growth

Andrea CervesatoPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Antonin ChampagneDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Eunji ChungPrincipal

Brandon CohenPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Adam ColePrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Alessandro CorrentiDirectorBayside Capital - Europe

Alexander CucharalePrincipalCapital Formation

Eduardo da VeigaPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - LatAm

Rob de BruinPrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

José María de LeónPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Borja de PariasPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Emeric DéramauxDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Richard DunnDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Sam EisnerPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - US

Alexandre EkiermanPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Omar El MasriDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Federico FaravelliPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

James FaveroPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

William FeeserDirector of ConstructionH.I.G. Realty - US

Russell FindlaySenior Executive Director, Marketing StrategiesCorporate

Mark FiskeSenior Executive Director, Digital StrategiesH.I.G. Growth

Kyle FitzgeraldPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Gian Matteo FranzoiaDirector H.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Matthew GaetaPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Peter GallagherPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Robert GallagherPrincipalBayside Capital - US

Sachin GargPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Mihai GavriloiuPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Riccardo GhezziDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Evan GiancaterinoPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Federico GonzalezPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - LatAm

Jeff GoodmanPrincipalH.I.G. Growth

Keith GreenPrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Natalia GrgurevDirector & Head of Corporate Marketing & CommunicationsCorporate

Jared GriggPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Bernardo GuimaraesDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Dylan HarmonPrincipalH.I.G. BioHealth

John HarroffPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Peter HartPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Romain HernotDirector Whitehorse Capital - Europe

Scott HilleboeSenior Advisor for H.I.G. GrowthH.I.G. Growth

Emily HinesVice President of Business DevelopmentCorporate

Zachary HoratPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Alexandru HristeaDirectorWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Lan HuangPrincipalBayside Capital - US

Elias HuchlerPrincipalBayside Capital - Europe

Johannes HuttunenPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Vivek JainPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Andrew JangPrincipal

Lee JuvarkarVice President of Human Resources and AdministrationCorporate

Philipp KalveramDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Rahul KetkarPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Richard KivealPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Alexia KlatPrincipalCapital Formation

Marcel KochPrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Albert KohPrincipalH.I.G. Growth

Bonjean KooPrincipalH.I.G. Advantage

Chris KozakPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Steven KozhimalaPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Michael KuritzkyPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Luzmarina LalliPrincipalCapital Formation

Andy LefkaritesPrincipalH.I.G. Growth

Tyler LevinPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Sebastian LorenzPrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Jack MacfarlanePrincipalCapital Formation

Stephen MigdalPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

David MillerPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Danielle MilotaPrincipalCapital Formation

Diego ModonesiDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Arjun MohanPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Eric NadzoPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Max NataliniPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Tom NewmanPrincipalBayside Capital - Europe

Eric NusbaumPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Pierre-André OliveDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Rachel OverboePrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Craig PalmerPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Carlo PasqualeDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Thomas PetersenDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Mihai Popescu-GreacaPrincipalH.I.G. Infrastructure

Michael PothitosPrincipalH.I.G. Infrastructure

Garrett RogersPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Ana RosonPrincipalCorporate

Halvor SandDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Justin SapolskyPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Dario SassanelliDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Strother ScottPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Mario ShafferPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Ash ShresthaPrincipalWhiteHorse Capital - US

Fritz SimonsDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

James SmithPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Colin StalneckerPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Nate StinchcombPrincipalBayside Capital - US

Daniel TannerPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - US

Adam TaylorPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Alexander ThornPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Loren TrottaMarketing Leader WhiteHorse USWhiteHorse Capital - US

Hamza UsmaniPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Laurent VaillePrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Praneeth WanigasekeraPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Ashley WestHead of TalentCorporate

Hendrik WorschechDirectorWhitehorse Capital - Europe

John WoytonSenior Advisor at H.I.G. CapitalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

Kira YugayPrincipal

Richard ZhangPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - US

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