H.I.G. Capital is a leading global alternative investment firm with over $50 billion of equity capital under management,* with a focus on the mid cap segment of the market. The H.I.G. family of funds includes private equity, growth equity, real estate, debt/credit, lending and biohealth. We align ourselves with committed management teams and entrepreneurs and help build businesses of significant value. Our team of over 500 investment professionals has substantial operating, consulting, technology and financial management experience, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to our portfolio companies. We invest in companies throughout the U.S., Europe and Latin America and have offices in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta in the U.S., and affiliate offices in London, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan and Paris in Europe as well as Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Latin America.

H.I.G. Private Equity

H.I.G. Private Equity funds focus on leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations, including corporate divestitures and take-private transactions, typically in partnership with existing management in small and mid-sized companies that can benefit from H.I.G.'s in-house operating professionals and expertise. H.I.G. has invested in and managed more than 300 companies worldwide since its founding in 1993, with combined sales in excess of $30 billion. H.I.G. has offices in the U.S. and affiliate offices in Europe and Latin America. For more information, visit www.higprivateequity.com.

WhiteHorse Capital

WhiteHorse Capital provides debt financing to performing middle-market companies in the United States and Europe, including situations which are time-sensitive or challenging. WhiteHorse Capital has a broad investment mandate and provides senior debt, second lien, uni-tranche, mezzanine, and subordinated debt for refinancings, growth capital, acquisitions, and balance sheet recapitalizations. For more information, visit --> www.whitehorsecapital.com.

Bayside Capital

Special Situations
Bayside’s Special Situations strategy invests across the capital structure with a focus on complex situations involving middle market corporate and real estate assets. Bayside’s large investment team, deep experience and flexible capital allow for customized solutions to benefit assets with limited access to traditional sources of financing.

Opportunistic Credit
Bayside’s Opportunistic Credit strategy focuses on primary and secondary credit investments in corporate and real estate assets in North America and Europe. Borrowers typically face an elevated risk of a restructuring event as a result of idiosyncratic, cyclical or secular factors often exacerbated by complexity and excessive leverage.

Performing Credit
Bayside’s Performing Credit strategy focuses on non-investment grade North American and European corporate credit, including secured leveraged loans and high yield bonds. Bayside’s Performing Credit manages structured finance and other investment vehicles that seek to achieve an attractive total return with an emphasis on downside protection through rigorous fundamental diligence aided by the deep experience of the Bayside investment team and the H.I.G. platform.

For more information, visit www.bayside.com.

H.I.G. Infrastructure

H.I.G. Infrastructure focuses on making value-add and core plus investments in the infrastructure sector. It targets mid-market opportunities where it can use the operational private equity capabilities of the entire H.I.G. platform to drive value creation. While it focuses on traditional infrastructure sectors such as TMT, power and transport, which provide an essential service and are protected by barriers to entry, H.I.G. Infrastructure has a broad mandate to invest in a wide range of businesses with infrastructure characteristics, where active management, management best practices and strategic repositioning can significantly increase the profitability of existing operations. H.I.G. Infrastructure is active in North America and Europe, with teams based in H.I.G.'s New York and London offices. For more information, visit www.higinfrastructure.com.

H.I.G. Growth Partners

H.I.G. Growth Partners is the dedicated growth capital affiliate of H.I.G. Capital. It makes both majority and minority investments in growing, technology-oriented businesses throughout North America, Europe and Latin America.

We invest in businesses across a wide range of industries, but focus on verticals where H.I.G. Growth Partners has significant experience including: SAAS, Cloud & Data Software, Technology-Enabled Services, Internet and Digital Marketing Services, Consumer / e-Commerce and Healthcare.

As the technology focused investment group within the H.I.G. platform, we are uniquely positioned to add significant value to our businesses by combining our deep operational, digital and technology expertise together with the resources, relationships and experience of H.I.G.’s 500 investment professionals with experience in more than 300 investments across a wide range of industries and transactional dynamics. H.I.G. Growth Partners focuses on situations where we can provide these substantial resources to growth companies to be value-add partners during the development and implementation of transformational digital and technology centric strategies to drive superior performance.

For more information visit www.HIGgrowth.com

H.I.G. BioHealth Partners

H.I.G. BioHealth Partners invests in a broad range of healthcare companies across sectors and stages. We invest in biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies developing novel products for significant unmet medical needs. For more information, visit www.higbio.com.

H.I.G. Realty Partners

H.I.G. Realty Partners, H.I.G.'s real estate investment affiliate, makes opportunistic value-add investments in small and mid-size real estate properties in the United States, Europe and Latin America. It employs a hands-on, operationally intensive approach to rehabilitate, redevelop, reposition and rebrand assets that have been capital starved and/or poorly managed. H.I.G. Realty has completed real estate investments with a gross asset value of more than $5 billion, including office, residential, hospitality, and logistics. For more information, visit www.higrealty.com.